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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, being utilized multiple times a day, every single day. In many ways, it’s the heart of the home since it’s where people congregate as well as prepare food. For this reason, it gets dirty quickly and needs to be frequently cleaned in order to maintain sanitary conditions. Cleaning your kitchen can be tedious and require substantial time and effort, but it doesn’t always have to. If you take the extra steps to be proactive about keeping your kitchen clean, you’ll find that you don’t need to thoroughly clean it nearly as often. Here are a few tips for keeping your kitchen clean.

Start Fresh When Cooking

Whether you’re cooking a large meal or a small snack, starting with a clean kitchen every time can help keep the cleanup to a minimal amount. When your kitchen is fresh at the start, the mess you make is your only worry, which means you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up after the fact. Put away clean dishes, make sure leftovers are put away or properly disposed of, and make sure no ingredients are left out and you’ll have a much cleaner and more enjoyable kitchen.

Cook Simpler Meals

While there’s something to be said for the pleasure of cooking a complex and delicious meal, cooking them all the time means a lot of extra time cleaning and a kitchen that inevitably gets dirty faster. Simple five-ingredients-or-less recipes are your friend, as well as slow-cooker recipes that need far fewer dishes to clean up at the end. You don’t need to prepare a five-course spread every single night, especially if you want to spend less time cleaning your kitchen.

Clean Spills & Splats ASAP

Whether you’re mixing things on the counter or stirring them up on the stovetop, spills and splats will happen. However, the longer these spills are left on your cooking surfaces, the more likely it is that they’ll dry out and bake on to the surface, particularly if that surface is heated. The quicker you can respond to these spills and clean them up, the less frustrating scrubbing you’re going to need to do to remove dried-on food from things like your stovetop or the inside of your microwave later.

Canned, Frozen, & Dry Ingredients Are Your Friend

While fresh ingredients can really make a difference in taste quality, they also take a lot of extra time and make an even bigger mess when you consider how much extra preparation they take. For this reason, canned, frozen, or dry ingredients are your friend. It’s so much easier to simply pop open a can or tear open a bag and dump the ingredients into your dish than it is to have to use additional dishes and take the extra time to properly prepare more ingredients for cooking.

Collect Your Food Waste

If you have a smaller kitchen without a lot of space, keeping it clean when preparing food can be challenging. For this reason, it’s best to simply collect your organic food waste in a bowl or bucket and take it outside or put it down the garbage disposal later. Not only does this give you the ability to dispose of it all later, but it’ll help you save trips to the garbage can, which can lead to spills, dropped scraps, and more. Plus, it’ll allow you to dispose of this waste properly, which can help you avoid nasty odors from building up in your kitchen.

Clean As You Go

This is perhaps the most valuable tip for developing home chefs: don’t stop moving just because your cooking has reached a standstill. Whether your dough needs to rise, your dish is in the oven, or your water is boiling, this downtime is a perfect opportunity to wash some dishes and clean any messes that may have emerged. Progressively cleaning while you cook not only makes final cleanup quick and easy, but also helps your kitchen stay cleaner for longer. It also gives you the ability to re-use dishes a second time, which only helps to lighten the load on your dishwasher.

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