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The Importance of Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The Importance of Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

In an office environment, oftentimes the last feature that draws attention is the ceiling. And why should it – most office ceilings are bland surfaces with hundreds of white acoustic ceiling tiles. What many people do not realize, however, is that these tiles can accumulate a considerable amount of dust and grime over time and pose several major hazards to both an office’s safety and overall air quality. As such, it is recommended that a building’s ceiling tiles be professionally cleaned once every two to five years.

A professional cleaning and maintenance company can provide the following services:
1. Brushing or vacuuming tiles: Dust and dirt that accumulates on tiles can usually be cleared with routine sweeping or vacuuming. To protect against scattering dust and debris, many cleaning companies will lay down tarps over furniture.

2. Using enzymatic cleaners: Special cleaning chemicals with an enzyme detergent containing hydrogen peroxide may sometimes be required to clear grime from ceiling tiles while still preserving the tiles’ structural integrity. In many cases, these chemicals are only available to maintenance professionals.

3. Covering stains: As we all know, not all stains can be cleaned. In the event that a ceiling tile should develop a permanent stain, a maintenance professional can select and apply products specially made to cover up small stains without compromising the tile’s acoustical or fire ratings.
4. Cleaning ventilation systems: Office air conditioning and heating systems can generate static electricity which causes dust to stick to ceiling tiles. Having your HVAC ducts, filters, and system checked and cleaned by a team of cleaning professionals can help keep your office’s indoor air and ceiling clean.