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7 Garage Organization Tips That Work Every Time

7 Garage Organization Tips That Work Every Time - Manassas virginia

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Ah, the garage. That black hole where most of us dump everything we have no use for. Christmas decorations in July? They’re in the garage. That kiddie pool in the winter? Probably in the garage. Your DIY project (let’s face it, we all have at least one unfinished DIY project) – it’s right there in the corner. But at some point you will need to clean the place up. Here’s how to do it without too much hassle. And maybe this will help you keep it in order.

1. Get everything out
This way you get a clear picture of what’s in there. It’s hard work, but it makes what’s to come way easier.

2. Dump/Keep
A painful process for a hoarder like myself, but it had to be done. Decide what to keep, and what is just junk you will no longer need. You can donate or dump those things. Or have a yard sale, and make some cash while you are at it.

3. Organize thematically

‘Summer’ or ‘garden’ or ‘tools’ are good labels. Allocate certain parts of the garage to these categories, and you will reduce the time spent rummaging in search for those pliers you had in there somewhere.

4. Storage space
Invest in some containers/cupboards/cabinets to keep the smaller bits, like tools, nuts and bolts, etc.

5. Wall mounting
Anything that can be wall-mounted should be. It saves a ton of space. Spades, hoses, rakes, even ladders can go on hooks, using up that vertical space often left empty.

6. Label stuff
Sounds kinda ridiculous, but if you have a drawer labeled ‘drills’, you are a lot more likely to put them back there after use. Psychology can be weird sometimes.

7. Thorough cleaning
Before putting things back into the garage, it will likely need cleaning. Elite Cleaning can help you with that. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

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